Scouting for success


Cubs and scouts in the Cotswolds have just benefited from a grant from the County Council.

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson gave £1,000 to the Northleach scouts and cubs last year as part of the Council's 'Children's and Young People's Activity Fund'.

He says that helping local voluntary organisations is vital:

"I've worked with parish and town councils over the last 12 months to get funding to specific groups and activities. The cubs and scouts are thriving in our area and the cash helps promote healthy lifestyles."

Tony Dale, Commissioner, North Cotswold District Scouts, is delighted with the grant:

"We allocated the money to a new Patrol Tent – full canvas, lasts 25 years, sleeps 10 scouts. We also bought support equipment including tables and were able to support a Community Camp in 2017 to invite a wider, more diverse group of parents and children into scouting. 

"This was very successful and we now have a new Beaver Colony in Northleach with 10 beavers; two new 'BaME' recruits in scouts and cubs - and across Northleach scouting we now have an almost 50/50 gender balance in the children and amongst the leaders. I am so pleased that this taxpayer money has achieved a real difference!  Scouting grew by 8% in this District during 2017 compared to 4% in Gloucestershire and 1% nationally – so we are doing well!"



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